Manage your IDSs and GDSs from a single planner

With ORS Smart Channel Manager, you can now manage all of your online distribution from a single planner. Administer your distribution websites (Booking.com, Expedia, etc.), your GDS channel and your booking engines in real time. Save time and boost sales.

Distribution site connectivities

Display your rooms on as many channels as possible

  • Availabilities and rates updated automatically
  • Achieve rate parity with a central inventory
  • Fully automated rate rules

With the central inventory, your entire availability is distributed to all channels, with no risk of overbookings. As soon as a booking is made, the vendor website notifies Availpro and your availability is updated instantly, 24/7, on all other sites.

With ORS, you can manage over 150 distribution websites from a single extranet, including GDSs and national or regional distribution websites.

The Smart Channel Manager solution will save you time and reduce the administrative burden of having to manage more than one extranet. It also ensures that all of your availability is distributed to every channel and prevents overbookings.

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